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Composer Michael Palmer
Crafting the emotional identity of your film with music and sound

Get to know my music fast with these 'Genre Compilations'

My job as a composer is so much more than making music. It’s also about listening to your needs and getting to the heart of your film. How do you want your audience to feel? What message do you want to convey? And what outcomes you what to achieve? My experience will allow us to create a musical briefing that will bring things into sharp focus.  

Stress Free Briefing

There is no such thing as a demo. The music I delver is always fully produced, giving you as complete a picture as possible. And as you provide feedback and make picture edits, I react quickly, delivering musical solutions in a fluid and collaborative process.

Fast Fluid‍ Production

Budgets often vary from project to project, with some in a position to hire orchestras, while others seek more cost effective digital solutions. In either case I never compromise on quality. My detailed knowledge of music production and sync licensing means that your film will always get the music it deserves. On time and on budget.  

On Budget

Michael's work on several of our Nespresso campaigns added real depth and emotion to the brand, allowing the visuals to really shine and the end result to gain amazing traction online. Their talent and astuteness in interpreting the music requirements of a piece of creative is quite incredible to behold.

Stuart Speechly
Executive Producer (TV & Content) Calm Ocean Ltd, Saatchi & Saatchi, Pathfinder Media.

We have worked with Michael on a variety of projects from TV spots to online content and on each occasion he have given us great value for money, always providing amazing music fit for purpose.

‍‍Irresistible Films

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